S.O.G. No.: 01-035

Revision: Dec 2007

Effective Date: Feb 1994


1.1 In the interest of the department member’s health and safety, this document is established to provide guidelines maintaining a safe work environment.


2.1 Union Fire District Board of Wardens Policy


3.1 The department shall maintain a safe working environment throughout all incidents in accordance with OSHA


4.1  The first arriving apparatus will determine type of elevator, number of occupants and their condition. 4.1.A Confirm that the elevator repair service persons have been notified. 4.1.B If electric, shut off power for 60 seconds and try to recycle, this can also be attempted on a hydraulic elevator.
4.1.C Place a firefighter with a radio at every Hoist way door at the elevator shaft to keep people away from the elevator and to stop people from pushing the control buttons.
4.1.D If the stalled elevator is in a common shaft, place all elevators in that shaft, OUT OF SERVICE.

4.2  Establish contact with any occupants of the stuck elevator. Inform them that help is on the way.

4.3  Shut off the power to the elevator in the elevator machine room. The machine room is usually at the lowest floor that the elevator goes to and is near the elevator area.

4.3.A  Try to recycle the motor by shutting the power off, then turning it back on, then calling for the elevator with the controls.

4.3.B  If this fails, then shut off the power and place LOCK OUT/TAG OUT equipment at the power source. CONFIRM THAT THE POWER IS TURNED OFF! A firefighter, with a radio, should be posted at the LOCK OUT/TAG OUT. 6-1UNION FIRE DISTRICT ELEVATOR EMERGENCY STANDARD

4.4 After the power has been shut down and locked out/tagged out, an individual with a drop key can open the elevator Hoist way door to see where the elevator is located. Many newer elevator installations return to the lowest point.

4.4.A If the elevator is not there, you will be able to see where it is and go to that floor to get the occupants out safely.

4.5  When all occupants are out, the scene can be secured. Place the elevator(s) out of service until a registered repair person places it back in service.

4.6  Dispatch will notify the appropriate apparatus to return to the scene to remove all LOCK OUT/TAG OUT equipment once the repair technician is on scene.