S.O.G. No.: 01-027

Revision: Dec. 2006

Effective Date: Dec. 2006


1.1 In the interest of department members health and safety, this document is established for the wearing of proper hearing protection when exposed to sounds that could produce hearing loss.

    1. 2.1  Current edition of the National Fire Protection Association’s 1500, Standard on Fire Department Occupational Safety and Health Program.
    2. 2.2  Current edition of the American National Standard Institute’s (ANSI) S3.19 – 1974, Standard on Hearing Protectors.

3.1 The department shall provide members with proper hearing protection in the accordance with OSHA 1910.095, Occupational Noise Exposure.


4.1 Hearing protection consist of but not limited to:

  1. 4.1.1  ANSI.S3.19-1974 compliance earmuffs.
  2. 4.1.2  ANSI.S3.19-1974 compliance ear plugs.


5.1 Hearing protection will be selected on the basis of hazards to which the member is exposed.

  1. 5.1.1  Hearing protection is to be worn by all persons when exposed to high levels of noise.
  2. 5.1.2  When operating power tools and equipment, i.e., chain saw, K12 saw, Cutter’s Edge, air chisel, all members will be required to use hearing protection.
  3. 5.1.3  Members operating pumps or aerial units at emergency incidents, training, or testing will be required to use hearing protection.

NOTE: Such protection will be designed so as not to interfere with the operator of radio traffic.

5.1.4 Hearing protection will not be used for fire fighting.

  1. 5.2  All department members will be fitted and trained in the proper use of the appropriate hearing protection.
    1. 5.2.1  Hearing protection will be regularly cleaned and inspected by the user.
    2. 5.2.2  Hearing protection will be stored in a convenient and clean location.
  2. 5.3  Members will engage in the hearing conservation program of the department to identify and reduce or eliminate potentially harmful sources of noise in the work place.